Creative Christmas Tree Pop-up Exhibition


The exhibition is open to anyone as long as you are able to deliver and assemble your tree to the location (TBD) in the Lower Hutt CBD.  To be included in the exhibition your tree needs to meet the materials criteria (listed below).

By registering, you agree to Hutt City Council using photos of you and/or your tree for promotional and marketing purposes. Entrants must agree to Hutt City Council displaying their tree in exhibition spaces, shop windows.

Maximum height for trees is 2 metres, minimum height 30 centimetres. Your tree must be safe for the public, specifically with young children, people with disabilities.


The deadline for entry application is Monday, 16 November, 2020.


(All entries must have lights, preferably LED lights) and must be able to be disassembled or collapsed for storage. 

  • Recycled/Found Objects- Trees in this category must be made of 100% found objects. Found objects are defined as items not usually considered art, but are put together to create art or an art object. Trees in this category will have had a previous life as something other than a Christmas tree.
  • Kiwi Christmas- These trees need to feature iconic Kiwi themes. Think celebrating Christmas in summer.
  • Art/Creative- The trees in this category can be imaginative, funny, and unique. Think untraditional or uniquely traditional.


  • Materials used in the ‘found objects’ category must remain recyclable – paints / glues must be water based and reusable after the exhibition unless the tree is kept as an artwork.
  • Other categories materials can include most items, cannot be flammable, potential to melt or disintegrate within the exhibition timeframe.
  • Your tree must not be perishable for the duration of the exhibition 12 December, 2020 to 30 December, 2020.
  • Tree lights should be LED only


All entrants are required to deliver and assemble their creation during the installation time frame. A schedule of times will be sent once all entries are confirmed. The vacant spaces access will be scheduled in the week of 7 December, 2020. All trees for display must be ready for set up prior to window gallery launch date 12 December, 2020.


All entrants will be required to pick up their creation as scheduled after the closing day. The space will open from 28-30 December, 2020 for collection of your entry.


Enter the name of a contact person
Enter the organisation name (if any)
Enter sa contact phone number
Tree category
Select the category of your christmas tree entry
Please confirm that you have read and understood the conditions of entry.