Light up the Hutt

James Scott
Unichem Christmas Window

Central City Christmas Window Decorating Competition

This year the Southend Business Group is merrily challenging its fellow Central City businesses to a Christmas Window Challenge. Like in previous years we encourage you to decorate your street facing business windows in celebration of the silly season. This year we want the focus to be on Christmas Trees. The Southend is organizing Christmas on High and it is all about Christmas trees, on the street and in the windows. Christmas on High is a multi-year plan to bring a sense of festivity into the CBD.

We encourage you to use lights, Christmas decorations, your holiday merchandise, the more creative the better! The more unique the better! A trail map will be designed, marketing and event promotion is included with participation in the competition.
And the winning window can garner the business $750 towards their December power bill.

Register your interest by 15 November, 2020

Over the last few years there have been some amazingly creative and beautiful windows featured for Light up the Hutt. The Hutt Valley has always been known for its Christmas lights, we can work to recreate that nostalgia for people to enjoy.

Will your window be chosen the 2020 Light up the Hutt? We challenge you to try! Last year there were 27 businesses that Lit up the Hutt, we can beat that in 2020!


  • Window lights and Christmas lights should be left on each night well after dark. Using timers can insure the lights are on the same time every night.
  • Maintain clean windows inside and outside
  • Decorate as many windows as you can
  • Incorporating merchandise specific to your business into the Christmas tree window design is preferred
  • Windows should be completed by 3 December to be part of the social media promotions.

A map will be created an depending on the quantity of participating businesses (like last year) we can run competition for people to follow the map around the City to find codes and win prizes.


  • All participants will receive signage to be placed in the window for judging and maps (if we reach 25 participants)
  • You must register to be eligible for judging and be considered for the $750 prize
  • Judging will take place anonymously from 14 December and the winning window will be announced on 23 December
  • Promotion will include one Hutt News advertisement so the map is accessible to most of the community, social media through the HCC channels

Windows will be judged on:
Is the window decorated for Christmas?
Were lights used and on after dark?
Are the windows clean/
Is it creative and does it promote the business?