Southend Window Decals

All four designs

The Southend Business Group has agreed to supply each business in the Southend with a free window decal to increase awareness of the Southend brand and to advertise to the public that the business is in the Southend.

This is part of a programme of building awareness of the Southend among the public and creating the idea of the Southend as a distinct and important community within the Hutt City.

There are four different designs of window decal which differ in colour and promotional phrase.  All designs are the same size, which is half an A4 page cut length-wise.  Please chose a design that suits the colour scheme of your business, but please note that there are limited supplies of each colour, so we apologise if the colour of your choice is no longer available.

Window decals are available from Buzz Cafe (101 High Street), Hot Gossip (146 High Street), or Atrium Cafe (215 High Street).  Please call in to collect one of your choice, or use the contact form on the SEBG website, or send a message to asking for one to be delivered to your business.

We would like to to be affixed to the inside of a window low down, on or near the door of each business.  If your business does not have a street frontage, then please find a suitable place to display the decal.