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Southend Business Group | Promoting a vibrant High Street

The Southend Business Group has appeared in the news this morning. Scoop has picked up our media release and published the articles New Lower Hutt business group wants to revive High Street and The Southend Business Group, Newest Business Association In Lower Hutt for more information.

Register to participate here.

Christmas on High will be a celebration of unlimited Christmas trees in Southend, Lower Hutt. ‘Southend’ is the area around the southern end of High Street, up to Margaret Street, including Laings Road, Andrews Ave, Margaret Street, Dudley Street and Queens Drive.

The flyer that should have been attached to the email earlier this evening.

The Southend Business Group has now been formally incorporated as a society and is listed on the New Zealand government societies register.

In February/March 2020, the Hutt City Council turned the relatively quiet Andrews Ave

Christmas is coming to the Hutt -let's co-design and co-create ideas that will create a festive atmosphere in the CBD in December.
The Government has allocated funding to support businesses in gaining expert advice from professional service providers. This funding allows businesses to access vouchers for the full cost of engaging with business services.

A pop-up stall (actually a converted container) has been operating in Andrews Avenue each evening selling hot chocolate as part of the Hutt Valley "Sweet As" challenge for 2020. 

Read more about the challenge and the entries here


Report of a meeting held in the Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt on  Tuesday 5 March 2019 commencing at 5.30pm.

Read more here.

For the last fortnight, Andrews Avenue has been closed to traffic as part of an exciting project to start regenerating the southern end of Lower Hutt.

Read more here.