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Southend Business Group | Promoting a vibrant High Street


RiverLink is hosting a public open day on Saturday 28 November at the Dowse Art Museum.

It’s an opportunity for you to see how the indicative plans are looking for improvements to river health, flood protection, amenities and transport connections in Lower Hutt.

We want to hear what you think of our plans, and answer any questions you might have. Our project team will be there, ready to explain what we’ve been working on. 

Central City Christmas Window Decorating Competition

This year the Southend Business Group is merrily challenging its fellow Central City businesses to a Christmas Window Challenge. Like in previous years we encourage you to decorate your street facing business windows in celebration of the silly season. This year we want the focus to be on Christmas Trees. The Southend is organizing Christmas on High and it is all about Christmas trees, on the street and in the windows. Christmas on High is a multi-year plan to bring a sense of festivity into the CBD.

Signs in the High Street featuring the Southend branding.  Help make the Southend an identifiable precint by using the branding for your store or other communications. Contact the SEBG if you would like details of the branding including artwork.

The Southend Business Group welcomes back Massey University’s “The Living Lab” Pop-up Campus for social interventions through the design course – Urban Camouflage.

For three weeks this November, 20 students will work from a pop-up campus to look at what types of interventions and placemaking methodology could be used to design spaces in Lower Hutt to make them more fun and attractive for people to use.

Submissions are now open for Central Hutt’s Re-Tree, Creative Christmas Tree Pop-up Exhibition.

Hutt City Council’s About Space Programme wants to team up with local artists, creatives and Christmas fanatics to bring back a new edition of the Re-Tree Christmas Tree Pop-up Exhibition to Central Hutt. As in previous years we are looking for art inspired unique Christmas trees to hold an exhibition that will be open to the general public during the Christmas shopping season.

Massey School of Design students return this year to work on two projects in the Southend precinct.  A focus this year will be the southern entrance to the precinct, and Andrews Ave will once again also receive attention.  The students will be based at The Living Lab Pop-up Campus in the mezzanine space of the Atrium Cafe, 215 High Street.

The Southend Business Group has appeared in the news this morning. Scoop has picked up our media release and published the articles New Lower Hutt business group wants to revive High Street and The Southend Business Group, Newest Business Association In Lower Hutt for more information.

Register to participate here.

Christmas on High will be a celebration of unlimited Christmas trees in Southend, Lower Hutt. ‘Southend’ is the area around the southern end of High Street, up to Margaret Street, including Laings Road, Andrews Ave, Margaret Street, Dudley Street and Queens Drive.

The flyer that should have been attached to the email earlier this evening.

The Southend Business Group has now been formally incorporated as a society and is listed on the New Zealand government societies register.